You can set up the buttons and column headings for whatever type of music you want.  The EZ Play DJ can be set up by you for Ballroom Music or for Country Music, Irish Music, Club Music, Merengue and Salsa Music, Swing, Hustle, Elevator Music, you name it.  And you can have multiple configurations -- one for Ballroom Dance Music, one for Hustle, one for Merengue and Salsa, and so on.  

This makes it easy for a mobile DJ to use an EZ Play DJ for different kinds of events.

  When a button is pressed on the main screen to select a dance, a screen appears with the songs for that dance.  Each screen has fifteen buttons for fifteen songs, but you can page forward to additional pages and have hundreds of songs for each dance.  Songs can appear on more than one dance screen.  For instance, Winter Wonderland can appear both on the Foxtrot screen and on the Christmas screen.  

This makes it easy for a mobile DJ to find a song fast or for dance workshops and DanceSport studios to set up screens using existing songs for special events.


  Songs can be assigned to more than one dance button and can be moved around easily.  There are numerous features, such as fade, delay, volume preset, and even song speed adjustment without pitch change.  You can make your dance music sound just the way you want it to sound.  

It's great for a salsa, country, or DanceSport studio -- students can start slow and work up to a faster tempo.  And for dance workshops and competition ballroom dancing, all songs can be set to strict tempo.  If you need to have the song speed expressed as measures per minute, you can -- the EZ Play DJ can automatically calculate that for you, too!


  You can create pre-defined sequences of Songs called Playlists.  Playlists can be edited, saved, and retrieved, and have several options.  For instance, they can be set always to start at the beginning, or to start where they last left off.  You can even print the Playlist or save it to a disk file for formatting in another program.  

This is great for setting up sequences of specific songs in advance for parties, events, dance workshops, or practice for competition ballroom dancing.


  You can create pre-defined sequences of Dance Buttons called Dance Lists.  The EZ Play DJ selects a song at random from each of the Dance Buttons in the Dance List, and adds all the songs to the playlist.  

This is great for setting up sequences of dances in advance for parties at a DanceSport studio and for other events.  It is also very useful for practice for competition ballroom dancing.  And for the mobile DJ, this feature can do most of the work!


  Tracks can be recorded from CDs at high speed or imported from AAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA (without DRM), OGG, and FLAC files and stored in the EZ Play DJ.  The EZ Play DJ (with a typical hardware configuration) can hold tens of thousands of songs.  

This feature is of benefit to everyone!


  With just a few button presses the appearance of the screens can be changed.  Colorful Skins can be changed for holidays, special events, or to set the Mood!  

This is especially useful for DanceSport studios.  After all, for your St. Patrick's Day Party, the screen should be green!