Some of the Features of the EZ Play DJ Dance Studio Music Software:


Adapt to Any Style of Music

 -- You can set up the buttons and column headings for whatever type of music you want.  The EZ Play DJ typically is set up for Ballroom Dance Music, but it can be set up by you for Country Music, Irish Music, Club Music, Merengue and Salsa Music, Swing, Hustle, Elevator Music, you name it.


Store a Lot of Music

 -- Tracks can be recorded from CDs at high speed or imported from Wav, Mp3, Mp4, Wma (without drm), Ogg, and Flac files and stored in the EZ Play DJ.  The EZ Play DJ dance studio music software (with a typical hardware configuration) can hold tens of thousands of songs.


Organize and Retrieve Songs Easily

 -- When a button is pressed on the main screen to select a dance, a screen appears with the songs for that dance. Each screen has fifteen buttons for fifteen songs, but you can page forward to additional pages and have hundreds of songs for each dance. Songs can appear on more than one dance screen. An example for ballroom dance music is that Winter Wonderland can appear both on the Foxtrot screen and on the Christmas screen.  And, in addition to organizing songs by Dance, you can organize them by Albums, Instructors, and Students!


Change Speed without Changing Pitch

 -- Speeding up a song doesn't make it sound like the Chipmunks, and slowing a down a song doesn't make it sound like Leonard Cohen (unless it is)!  Your dance music will sound just the way it was meant to sound.  The EZ Play DJ dance studio music software is great for salsa, country, or ballroom dance music -- students can start slow and work up to a faster tempo.  And for competition you need to have the song speed expressed as measures per minute.  You can -- the EZ Play DJ can automatically calculate that for you, too!


Fade Songs In and Out

 -- There are global fade settings (fade start time and fade duration) which apply to all songs, and individual fade settings which can override the global settings for specific songs.   There is also 'Immediate Fade', which allows you to fade a song to half volume, do a voice over, then bring the volume back up.  And, you can fade in, too!


Play Dance Lists (Rounds)

 -- You can the EZ Play DJ can perform song selection for you is by playing a Dance List, which is one song selected at random from each of several dances.  This is useful for ballroom dancers, for instance, who may want to hear one song from each of the Latin dances (Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, and Paso Doble).  It is also great for parties!


Export Songs with Settings Applied

 -- You can export a song to a file, such as MP3, with all settings, like speed change without pitch change, applied.  This makes it possible to get the song 'just right' on the EZ Play DJ, then burn it to a CD and take it to a competition or other event, or just take it home from the studio so that you can practice!


Search for Songs

 -- You can find a song if you know part of the title or artist name.  For instance, the search string 's%tra' will bring up all songs with 'Sinatra' as the artist, and will also bring up the song 'Soul Train'.  Then one click of a button will add the song to your playlist!


Edit, Save, and Retrieve Playlists

 -- You can create Playlists and save them.  You can edit them by adding or deleting songs or by changing the sequence of songs.  You can play them back in the predefined sequence or in a random sequence.  You can automatically restart the Playlist at the end.   You can calculate the total play time of a playlist, taking into account global fade settings and pauses between songs.  In addition, if you want to play a song which is not on the Playlist, you can.  Then the EZ Play DJ automatically goes back to the Playlist where it left off!  You can have music of your choosing playing continuously, yet have a dance instructor play a specific song when needed.  For instance, in the middle of a party you can play 'Happy Birthday'!


Select your Favorite Colorful Skin

 -- With just a few button presses the appearance of the screens can be changed for holidays, special events, or to set the Mood!


Connect EZ Play DJs Across a Network

 -- You can run the EZ Play DJ across a network in your studio.  This means that you can have your song files and EZ Play DJ configuration data on one computer and have the EZ Play DJ software installed on another.  Several EZ Play DJ systems can read the song files and configuration from the same remote computer.  All of the EZ Play DJ systems except for one can be set as read only systems, and be able to play music but not to change music or settings.


Supplement your Dance Studio Management Software

 -- Your receptionist has dance studio management software on her desk -- now you can bring to your dance instructors some computerized help -- the EZ Play DJ dance studio music software!