Dance Studio Software for the Ultimate Touchscreen-Based Studio Music System

 -- Use it for dance studios, dance schools, mobile DJs, clubs, restaurants, or at home.  Just having dance studio management software is not enough -- you need the EZ Play DJ for your ballroom dance music, too!

Ideal for DanceSport Music / Ballroom Dance Music

 -- The EZ Play DJ is packed with features -- the EZ Play DJ is a far better dance studio music system than a CD player.

We've been told that it's  

Freakishly Easy

  to use!

Used at Competitions

One DJ told us that the EZ Play DJ has been used at these competitions.
  • Ohio Star Ball
  • Fred Astaire National Championships
  • USA Dance National Championships
  • US Dance Championships
  • Millenium Championships
There are probably others that we don't know about.

System Requirements

The EZ Play DJ runs on the Windows PC -- desktop, laptop, or tablet.  It runs on 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.  We recommend 64 bit Windows 10 or Windows 7.

It is best to use a touch screen PC, but the EZ Play DJ will work with a mouse and keyboard.

All modern PCs have plenty of processing power and memory for the EZ Play DJ.  You will need a CD drive or DVD drive, or a burner if you want to export songs.

Typically a thousand songs (mp3 format) take five gigabytes, so any disk drive 500 gigabytes or more should be plenty.

Quantity Discount

A quantity discount of 25% off applies to two or more full versions purchased at the same time.  So get together with some of your friends and really save some money!

15 Day Free Trial

We are making the EZ Play DJ is available to you for FREE for 15 days.  You can try it out in your studio or club or at home until then with no charge and no obligation.  To download the free trial, just click on the 'Download' link to the right and follow the instructions!


 -- The EZ Play DJ has no connection with the Music Machine™, and is not a legacy product of Steve Booth, Booth Software, or Digital Music Systems, Inc.